The day that I ate three burgers and regretted nothing.


Over the past few weeks, this magical phenomenon has begun, where I lose three kilos, gain seven pounds, lose ten kilos, and my body just does not know what to do with me anymore. But I’m mostly to blame. Then there are my friends: Sherpa’s and street food that bully me into spending all my money and fulfilling the Freshman 15. They are literally the high school bullies that take your lunch money and then force feed you. Two nights ago was no exception: I went to this gorgeous place called the Apartment with my friends Wes, Lilly, Chloe and Kai, and after seriously beautiful cocktails (this place also taught me how to say Cosmopolitan – “大都会” – well it was the only one I could read, and it’s literal translation is metropolitan/cosmopolitan), we walked outside and pondered if we wanted to go anywhere after that. On a friday night, Shanghai has a plethora of places to go to (actually scratch that, on ANY night, Shanghai has a plethora of places to go to. Mostly one’s starting with M. Literally, half the places I go to are M plus some random number) – so every night becomes an argument of which place to go/what vibe everyone wants. However, near the Apartment there are multiple places, literally across the road, underground and next door. So we all decided to go to the Shanghai Rhumerie (a chilled out rum bar where they flavour their own rum and it’s not overly expensive). But this was definitely not the highlight of our night.

Going back outside, this little mysterious man with his little portable barbecue appeared, with a cute little dingy sign saying “Yao’s special burgers”. Honestly, I do not think I have ever consumed a burger as good as Yao’s burgers. And never in a million years did I think I’d be saying that. From his freshly sliced tomatoes, to his perfectly crispy but melt in your mouth buns and the little fried onions he put on top (which were branded in swedish – the whole thing was very bizarre) – this guy knew what he was doing. They also cost us 10 kuai each, because we bought so many. That’s literally less than $2.

Six (or seven, we lost count) burgers later, the five of us had experienced something truly truly beautiful. And each and every one of us knew that the best burger we would ever eat was made by a little man called Yao on a little hot plate, and we proceeded to eat them on little white plastic seats on the side of the street.

Definitely having an I really love China moment.

1.pic 2.pic

Bella 冯茵


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