China: Volume II

After spending four months abroad (from already being abroad?), I’m finally back in 上海. For the second time, I’ve packed two, way too heavy suitcases, boarded that 11-hour plane ride, and made it back to the land of not-so blue skies, 包子 (bao zi, meat or vegetable filled bun) and really interesting stories. Actually, I take […]

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The Smoking Manicurist

It’s stereotypical, I guess, that I can’t be bothered to paint my own nails so I choose to find some little 中国美女 (Chinese lady) who I can pay $12 to paint my nails whatever colour I choose. So, the other day, after finding a cafe where I was finally (FINALLY) able to get the closest thing I […]

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45 days and not counting

In forty five days, I will arrive home and have a home-cooked meal, sleep in my own bed, wake up to minimal pollution but I guarantee you – I’m still going to want to be back in 上海. I’ve been here for 八十天. Every single one of those days has been completely different. Every single one […]

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Fakes and faux pas

Apologies for my publishing delay – college has been overwhelming and I haven’t had the chance recently to go out and explore Shanghai. But I’m here (and 100% not leaving)! I realised that one thing I haven’t yet discussed here is the fake markets in Shanghai. If you’re completely new to this concept of a […]

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