45 days and not counting

In forty five days, I will arrive home and have a home-cooked meal, sleep in my own bed, wake up to minimal pollution but I guarantee you – I’m still going to want to be back in 上海. I’ve been here for 八十天. Every single one of those days has been completely different. Every single one […]

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On Century Avenue

ON CENTURY AVENUE – NYU SHANGHAI’S INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER So you all should check our my college’s newspaper – it’s filled with pretty great articles about everything and anything, including awesome reviews about Shanghai, college life, global issues and so much more. It’s pretty awesome and I’ll start sharing my articles on here as well! Happy Halloween […]

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Fakes and faux pas

Apologies for my publishing delay – college has been overwhelming and I haven’t had the chance recently to go out and explore Shanghai. But I’m here (and 100% not leaving)! I realised that one thing I haven’t yet discussed here is the fake markets in Shanghai. If you’re completely new to this concept of a […]

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