China: Volume II

After spending four months abroad (from already being abroad?), I’m finally back in 上海. For the second time, I’ve packed two, way too heavy suitcases, boarded that 11-hour plane ride, and made it back to the land of not-so blue skies, 包子 (bao zi, meat or vegetable filled bun) and really interesting stories. Actually, I take […]

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The Smoking Manicurist

It’s stereotypical, I guess, that I can’t be bothered to paint my own nails so I choose to find some little 中国美女 (Chinese lady) who I can pay $12 to paint my nails whatever colour I choose. So, the other day, after finding a cafe where I was finally (FINALLY) able to get the closest thing I […]

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Would You Ask a Man That?

An article of mine that was published on On Century Avenue the other day. On Apr. 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton announced that she was running for President of the United States for the second time. As is in line with the U.S. procedure, she would hold that position for one term, that is, four years. This […]

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